It’s that time again~ need to get rid of these to make more room in my diecast closet! *Thought I’d get more attention by putting the R35 GTR as a header ;)

Prices are as stated:

$13 comes in the protecto pack. Pretty rare
Picture A: everything is a $1 each
Picture B: everything is a $1 each as well
Picture C: Top 3 rows are $3 each. Middle row: $7 each. Bottom three rows: $2 each
Picture D: everything but the Ram and Huracan are $1 each. Ram is $5. Majorette Huracan is $3
Picture E: everything is a $1 each
$13 comes in protecto pack. Never would’ve given this one up if it weren’t for the fact that I completed my S2000 collection a few months ago.
$15 for the pair. Rare international short card
$8 for the cool classic S2K
$8 for the cool classics Mustang Boss. Loved this one but I figured someone else on here could do more justice than me stuffing it in my closet..

You will pay ACTUAL shipping prices. Period.

PayPal and email me at howardyoung90 at yahoo dot com

Let me know what you want in the comment pls :)

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