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Trade me your Ultra Reds

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I’m letting go of all my pre-2017 $TH seen here in favor of some Autoworld Ultra Reds (ones with rubber tires) or 2018 $TH. I’m at a point where these have no place in my display cabinet anymore so I thought there might be some of you out there that’ll enjoy them more than me.


They’re all in mint condition (minus the NSX $TH I drilled. Never completed that project)

If you’d want to buy them too that’s fine as well.

All are $10 each (excluding shipping) except the following: NSX Traded

Nova wagon: $15 + ship

Supra: $15 + ship

Superbird: $20 + ship Traded

Tesla: $30 + ship

Corvette Grandsport: $20 + ship

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